Our history

The original RANDTECH sole trader company started in 1987 providing noise and vibration control solutions for building services and industrial applications.


Between 1987 and 2012 RANDTECH has gained extensive engineering experience in:-


 - noise control design and fabrication

 - vibration control design and fabrication

 - natural and forced ventilation design

 - welding technology

 - process technology

 - small scale combined heat and power design, build and commissioning

 - anaerobic digestion processes, design, build and commissioning

 - site measurement and surveying for noise, vibration, electrical power, heat,  

   ventilation and environmental control systems


Today we offer a wide range of engineering consultancy based on the our professional and practical experience through RANDTECH CONSULTING in association with our energy technology companies, RANDTECH  ENERGY SOLUTIONS LTD, CONRAD FARM ENERGY LTD and RANDTECH NORTH AMERICA LLC.


RANDTECH ENERGY SOLUTIONS LTD was formed in 2009 to develop waste to energy projects in China, with an office in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, in 2011 we built a demonstration scale container based high rate anaerobic digestion system for processing dairy farm manure slurry at the Huamei Dairy Farm in Guangdong. Following the Huamei project we were awarded the contract late in 2011 to build a full scale container based high rate anaerobic digestion system for the 2000 head Yang Tan Dairy Farm outside Yangjiang in Guangdong Province.The YanTang project first phase is scaled at the slurry from 1000 head utilising 6No. container reactor modules to fuel up to 200kWE of CHP generation.


CONRAD FARM ENERGY LTD was formed in 2011 to supply containerised high rate anaerobic digestion system to UK dairy farms, to produce valuable Feed In Tariff electricity and solid biofuel from the abundant supplies of cow manure slurry available on every UK dairy farm. In 2012 trials work on the solid biofuels has been completed and the first commercial scale process plant will be built and commissioned.


RANDTECH NORTHAMERICA LLC was formed in 2012 to develop waste to energy projects for waste food and cattle industry effluents in Canada and the USA with strategic partners.    

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